Mr. Lim Yit Kiat is a visionary and aggressive entrepreneur. He is the key strategist and mission driver for Star Glory Group.

He brings positive, creative, innovative mind thinking and working life style to nurture the company culture. He constantly seeks opportunities to expand the company’s influence from local to national, and aiming international.

Venturing entrepreneurial journey since the age of 16, Yit Kiat pursued almost 20 years of experience in the import and export businesses. Along the way, he has reinvented and recovered several businesses from operational difficulties or major financial set-back, and advocating for human resource development as core to excel in business.

Yit Kiat leads strategic decision-making for business expansion and assets acquisition for Star Glory Group, and also a key decision maker in business development. He oversees the logistics and forwarding division and has superb experience in customs-related and statutory regulation matters.

Yit Kiat often looks for his own learning and growth opportunities to bring positive influence to his management team. Being a life example for the entire company, he constantly remains committed and practices perseverance as principle of life to strive through countless challenges together with his team.


Ms. Shamen Phang, a lady with perseverance, embracing herself as a woman entrepreneur of multiple industries, and excel to excellence.

Her entrepreneurial accomplishment sets a new milestone as a Malaysian women entrepreneur who exemplifies intelligence and creativity. In 2019, she won the Top 40 Dynamic Female Entrepreneur, by Feminine Life Magazine and also the TOP 30 Semi Finalist JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award.

She sees the market trend and found her niche to position Star Glory Group in the marketplace. Being a woman entrepreneur for 21st century, Shamen is truly an exemplary role-model, setting the right example and inspiration for WOMEN. She works with determined goals, and persistently educates her team towards a cohesive corporate culture as core to excel in business.

Shamen shoulders the responsibility of daily operations for financial planning & management, branding and creative marketing decision, and risk management. As a philanthropist at heart who always put herself in the forefront to provide support to underprivileged community in order to create positive change, she also leads the group’s Corporate Social Responsibility movements. She is a real advocator and fighter for human rights, promoting equality in mankind.